Bad Habits You Should Get Rid of When Typing

In this era of technology, typing is something we do in a daily basis. We do it on our desk, we can even do it when we are lying on our bed. It has become such a habit that we don’t realize that those bad habits are not good for our health or our productivity. If you want to type better and faster so you can finish your job early, you can get typing lessons for beginners, but don’t forget to avoid these bad habits.

Typing with Two Fingers

This is 2017 and nobody should type with two fingers anymore. At first glance, there is nothing wrong about typing with two fingers. But the truth is it is not so good for your health because it put restraints on only some specific area of your hand and it will wear you out faster. To solve this, simply get free typing lessons for beginners and learn how to type with ten fingers properly. Not only it will make you type faster, but it will also prevent you from being tired too easily.

Sitting Sloppily

Posture is actually a very important part to do while you are typing. If you feel that working in front of computer in only an hour or two makes you really exhausted or your back painful, it means you have been working with incorrect posture. Starting from now on, make sure your arm and shoulder is in the right angle and position. Furthermore, don’t let your eyes stay too close to the screen and keep the distance at least 45 cm.

Looking at the Keyboard While Typing

This is not exactly a bad habit but looking at the keyboard while typing is not a good way to type faster. If you want to be more productive and work faster, it is best if you learn touch typing. Let your fingers move by themselves and keep your eyes straight to the screen.

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